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Dahua Complete Security Package

Original price was: $3,700.00.Current price is: $3,450.00.

A complete package of Dahua Systems 

This Kit includes

  1. Dahua CCTV system
  2.  Dahua Alarm system
  3.  Dahua  video Intercom kit with 7 inch monitor
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    Our Complete Security Package offers the highest level of protection at heavily a reduced price.

    This security system provides complete coverage of your home and business by combining 4 powerful products:
    Security Cameras
    Security Alarm System                                                                                                                                                                       Intercom/Dorebll with Touchscreen Monitor

    Security Cameras

    Dahua cameras are our most sold products and our most recommended products when it comes to security.  Features like Smart motion can distinguish Humans and Vehicles from other motion – such as Plants and bush moving from the wind, mosquitos flying in front of the camera, etc and send you notification only for human and vehicles. You can set up the areas you want notifications, for example- A camera in front of your house looking at your driveway, also public spaces such as Footpaths or roads. but you can set up notifications only for your driveway and not get unnecessary notifications.

    App-controlled Dahua Alarm System

    Dahua wireless alarm system is a perfect combination with the Dahua cameras system. You can monitor alarm systems from the same app as cameras. Batteries can last up to 3 years. Wireless alarm systems give the liberty to install sensors wherever you want or required, as it doesn’t need to run wiring. You have the choice of a motion sensor to detect any motion in front of the sensor to alert you or reed sensors to alert you of the opening of doors and windows.

    Dahua Intercom with touchscreen monitor

    Someone comes to your door and rings the doorbell, answering from inside the house from a 7-inch Dahua touchscreen monitor or from your mobile phone app anywhere in the world as long you have internet connectivity. No subscription costs or hidden costs. Fully wired and no need to change the batteries.

    If you install it with the Dahua cameras system, you can use the intercom as a 24-hour camera to record the footage same as other Dahua cameras.

    Product Details

    This Kit includes:

    CCTV System:

    • 1 x Dahua Tioc 2.0  IP camera ( with alarm, two-way talk, and warning lights)
    • 2 x Dahua standard IP 6MP cameras
    • 1 x Dahua 8 Channel Network video recorder
    • 1 x 2TB Hard drive
    • supply, Install, and set up.
    • App control, and notification setup
    • 3 years warranty and technical support

    Alarm system –

    • Dahua alarm hub with battery backup
    • Dahua 2 motion sensors
    • Dahua 2 door/window sensor
    •  External siren and strobe
    • Internal screamer
    • keyfob/ remote
    • supply, Install, setup
    • 3 years warranty and technical support


    • Dahua Intercom outdoor station
    • Dahua Indoor 7-inch touch screen to answer the calls
    • Poe Switch to provide Power and data to the Intercom and screen